About Wedding Gifts

Wedding Day gifts may seem like only an extra bonus compared to the wonderful bliss of joining a loving couple together in marriage.  But gifts are a way of showing extra thoughtfulness and something to help remind us of the joy experienced on that very special day.

Engagement Rings

It's well-known that "popping the question" and the gift of an engagement ring are moments that will endure through a couple's marriage.  For the bride, there's nothing quite like the fun of showing off her new ring!

The rings that you choose are not only an important element of becoming married, they are also a longlasting symbol of your love and commitment. For that reason, you'll want to find a perfect fit for both your fashion needs and your personal tastes.  View our selection of engagement rings by clicking here.

Pre-Wedding Gifts to the Bride

By now, most grooms know or have been advised about the importance of a wedding gift from the groom to the bride. It may seem like an extra expense at first thought, but it really is an opportunity to give a special gift for your future partner in life. This is a great opportunity to get your marriage off to a great start, especially if you're about to gain a mother-in-law who believes in sticking to traditions. She may have ideas about what consists of a traditional gift and it can be a good idea to try to please her as well.

But the most important thing is for the groom to know his bride and what she would like. A beautiful matched set of earrings and necklace might be just the thing, but she might prefer a fashion watch or other gift. One couple that we know of had a minor disagreement about the wedding on the night before (not unusual!) and the morning of the wedding started out a little awkward. But when the groom presented his bride with a stunning necklace as a pre-wedding gift, the thoughtfulness of the gift took her by surprise and the day quickly got off to a fantastic start!  Click here for some great example gifts.

Pre-Wedding Gifts to the Groom

Engagement and pre-wedding gifts for grooms are becoming more and more common. Increasingly, brides are deciding that their fiances also deserve a piece of jewelry or some other valuable article to mark this important occasion. With so many different possible gifts to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to get your future life partner. It is important to remember that making the decision to get married is just as important and life-changing an event for a man as for a woman. This is an opportunity for the bride to tell him that she recognizes and appreciates his committment.

Masculine jewelry continues to be one of the most popular gifts for grooms. Of course, you should make a choice that fits your budget and, although the gift could be about the same value as an engagement ring, it does not have to be. In fact, the pre-wedding gift is usually something nice and thoughtful, but is not as expensive as the bride's gift. Knowing what the groom would like and taking the time to find the perfect gift is more important than trying to spend the same amount of money as the groom spent on his gift to the bride.

One excellent gift choice would be a watch. We have several at Gayle Gaston Jewelry that are great choices and would be appreciated both for styling and practicality. After buying the watch, you may want to have a message inscribed on the back to complete the special thought.

Cufflinks are another fashionable gift choice. If you give your fiance cufflinks, a great follow-up gift would be a shirt with French cuffs that he can wear with the cufflinks for your wedding day. To view some fabulous watch and cufflink selections, click here.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding ceremony.  Your favorite girls deserve recognition and a special favor with a bridesmaid gift. Often they've spent quite a bit of time and money getting ready for the wedding, including their personal styling and transportation to the wedding. Showing your appreciation with a small gift is a wonderful courtesy and thoughtful gesture. We offer a selection of appropriate and stylish gifts that will let them know how much you appreciate them.  Click here for bridesmaid gift ideas.