About Gayle Gaston

Gayle Gaston is a highly respected and noted entrepreneur having used her business savvy skills to break all sales and earnings records in a globally recognized international cosmetics company.  Gayle Gaston continues to consult to other global business entities providing them guidance to achieve the same goals and high standards she has accomplished, enhancing business enterprises of individuals and major corporations internationally.

As a widely respected businesswoman, Gayle advises on effective business strategies that can be applied at any stage in an individual’s career.  Gayle’s prestigious track record in business has helped thousands of women around the world to recognize their entrepreneurial potential to successfully launch their own careers and attain success.

Gayle Gaston has imparted her broad international wisdom in private and public consulting seminars that include Fortune 500 companies, international universities, CEOs and upper management to successfully achieve and surpass their goals with a focus on marketing strategies, promotion, development, and both personal and professional motivation.  Her innate ability and keen foresight to foresee trends allows her to understand and clearly communicate with individuals on any level, leading them to new ideas and attainable goals to secure their future as well as enhancing any company and corporate culture.

Possessing an intuitive proficiency of international markets, Gayle utilizes her bilingual abilities, deep cultural understanding and demographic insight to broaden companies and individuals’ global standing in business.  Having presided as a host, judge, speaker and honored guest to numerous international business conferences, International Universities, educational forums and beauty pageants, Gayle has incorporated professional advice with personal attention to audience nuances to inspire individuals or corporations in the beauty, health, lifestyle, stress-management and fitness industries.  Gayle has been recognized for her business acumen and achievements having been honored and awarded for her international contributions to mentoring women from around the world.