A Short History of Jewelry

The use of jewelry for both men and women goes back thousands of years. Archaeological excavations show us that people were wearing some forms of primitive jewelry before people lived in houses. It's a form of human expression, of wealth, personality, wanting to cheer yourself up, an artform. There are all sorts of reasons why people wear jewelry and a love of beautiful jewelry is older than human civilization.

In what they call the Bronze Age about 2000BC in the area not far from Stonehenge some of the most beautiful gold work in Europe was found in graves. These were mens graves! The men had been buried with their jewelry, including earrings. The biggest piece of goldwork ever found in Britain was the Gold Cape found in Mold, North Wales and that belonged to a man. So perhaps the question should be why do people like wearing jewelry?!

Why Wear Jewelry?

Why wear jewelry? Once upon a time what we now call jewelry was really charms and talismans. Tibetan monks wore bell anklets to warn the bugs to get out of the way as an expression of non-violence. Jewelry has been worn by both men and women to protect themselves from snakes, ghosts, sorcery, bad luck, the evil eye and probably bill collectors. Our Ancestors wore jewelry for a reason. We forgot the reason but we still love jewelry.

What is Pave Jewelry?

Pave jewelry is a name given to a piece of jewelry that has been very closely set with gems so that hardly any of the metal is showing.