Gayle Gaston Custom Corner

Gayle Gaston Jewelry is proud to announce that we now offer custom Jewelry design by Gayle Gaston!  Gayle's customized jewelry designs are elegant, unique and timeless.  The one of a kind designs are always in style and guaranteed to make you feel like the special person you are.  Please take a moment to read the Q&A section below which will give you a brief history on Gayle Gaston as a jewelry designer ....

Where does your inspiration come from?
I find inspiration everywhere especially in the visual arts.  Sometimes my dreams are filled with beautiful creative images as well.  Creativity exists in all of us!  

What led you to custom jewelry design?
I basically segued from jewelry buyer to designer by designing for myself and friends!!!  Then clients began asking me to help them redesign pieces and create new pieces as well.   


How do you feel about jewelry as an accessory?

It makes me feel so good to see a client sparkle in just the right jewelry for her outfit. Accessories are so important in putting an outfit together, and it gives me great pleasure to help do just that.

What are your thoughts on client satisfaction?
I believe client service is the core of client satisfaction. Knowing our clients are happy makes all the difference! We care about people and it shows.

What are your new business goals?
The goal at Gayle Gaston Jewelry is to make sure each and every client is happy with their pieces; whether its on the website or custom made!  When clients are happy with the service they share the news with others!

Here at Gayle Gaston Jewelry, we take pride in accessorizing your look so you're always putting your best foot forward whether it's at the gym, at lunch with your girlfriends, or a formal night out on the town! Contact us today to discuss your personalized jewelry options!